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Ethereum + Ebakus a better dApp development

Ethereum + Ebakus a better dApp development

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Everyone can agree that Ethereum has been a pioneer in the blockchain space by enabling dApp development through smart contracts. However, dApps built on Ethereum are decreasing in popularity because of a difficulty to develope anything robust. For such reasons as latency, throughput, and others.

However, by developing with Ebakus the Ethereum problems are solved. The best thing about Ebakus is that you can easily migrate your Ethereum dApps to. Furthermore to improve the ease of development Ebakus node API is the same as go-ethereum’s (geth) and also compatible with web3.

Whats more to help solve the problem of Ethereum Ebakus has implemented a web wallet in the form of a JS library. This wallet can be embedded inside a dApp. To further improve the experience they went a step further and developed a wallet loader library that creates an iframe and loads a hosted version of the Ebakus web wallet in it.

They have also developed their own EbakusDB which allows to use schema defined tables, with indexes that permits handling large datasets with ease. If you do not believe check out this indie leaderboard repository that they have developed on EbakusDB -

I think this is a pretty great improvement and help to all that want or are redeveloping on Ethereum but at this moment are facing problems that the network is not yet able to solve.

Let me know what you think!

Oh yeah Ebakus has 1 second blocks, free transactions and 24000 TSP.

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