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EthereumJS VM v4.1 with full-featured Istanbul Support

EthereumJS VM v4.1 with full-featured Istanbul Support

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Hi all,

I'm happy to announce that we have just released v4.1.0 of our JavaScript/TypeScript virtual machine with implementations for all six EIPs accepted for the Istanbul hardfork, hooray! ????

I would encourage all dev tool developers who use the VM to prioritize integration, since this is a crucial time for Dapp developers to test their contracts towards the new Istanbul features. If you need help on this please reach out!

So here are the full release notes from the v4.1.0 release:

This is the first feature-complete Istanbul release, containing implementations for all 6 EIPs, see the HF meta EIP EIP-1679 for an overview. Beside this release contains further unrelated features as well as bug fixes.

Note that Istanbul support is still labeled as beta. All implementations have only basic test coverage since the official Ethereum consensus tests are not yet merged. There might be also last minute changes to EIPs during the testing period.

Istanbul Summary

See the VM Istanbul hardfork meta issue #501 for a summary on all the changes.

Added EIPs:

Other Features

  • Two new event types beforeMessage and afterMessage, emitting a Message before and an EVMResult after running a Message, see also the updated section in the README on this, PR #577

Bug Fixes

  • Transaction error strings should not contain multiple consecutive whitespace characters, this has been fixed, PR #578
  • Fixed vm.stateManager.generateCanonicalGenesis() to produce a correct genesis block state root (in particular for the Goerli testnet), PR #589

Refactoring / Docs

  • Preparation for separate lists of opcodes for the different HFs, PR #582, see also follow-up PR #592 making this list a property of the VM instance
  • Clarification in the docs for the behavior of the activatePrecompiles VM option, PR #595
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