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Explaining most common cryptocurrency terms for newbies as easy as possible

Explaining most common cryptocurrency terms for newbies as easy as possible

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These are the most terms you will hear around here so let me explain them to you.

  • Address : This is were you send/receive coins.
  • Altcoin : Anything that isn't a Bitcoin .
  • ATH : All time high of a coins price in USD.
  • BearRun : When the market crash soo hard you sleep with a heartache.
  • Blocks : No not those in Minecraft, these blocks are records of everything that happens like transactions etc.
  • Blockchain : Its a chain of lots of blocks all records that ever happened are stored here.
  • Bullrun : When market go high in the sky.
  • DCA : Dollar-cost averaging (DCA) is an investment strategy in which an investor divides up the total amount to be invested across periodic purchases of a target asset in an effort to reduce the impact of volatility on the overall purchase.
  • Cryptocurrency : You already know otherwise why are you on this subreddit.
  • Decentralized : No central authority, no more bosses.
  • Fiat : Real life money minted by governments.
  • Exchange : Where people buy high and sell low like Binance.
  • FOMO : Fear of missing out, slang used when someone wanna do what everyone is doing.
  • Fork : When the developers of a coin change its protocol/rules.
  • Fee : A small amount of a coin you pay when making a transaction .
  • Gas : Same as fee but way higher, used when talking about eth smart contracts.
  • HODL : Hold on for dear life, a slang used when you hold a coin cause you believe in it.
  • KYC : Know you customer, some services require this from you so make sure your id have a nice selfie.
  • Long : Betting that a coin will rise in value.
  • Market cap : Total market Value.
  • Mining : Miners get rewarded for using their PCs or asic miners to mine new blocks on the blockchain.
  • Mnemonic Phrase : is a 12/24 words that holds all your assets, keep it safe.
  • Mooning : Used when you think a specific coin will increase a lot in value and you say to the moon.
  • POW : Proof of work, new blocks are generated by the miners and the network verifies it.
  • POS : Proof of stake, new blocks are mined according to how many coins you got, the more the better the rewards.
  • Private key : Every coin has a private key, who owns this key can access the coins, so keep it safe.
  • Pump and Dump : A term used when a group of whales hype up a coin to trick noobs into buying it then they sell once it hits a nice high.
  • Rekt : When a trader loses alot of money on trading.
  • ROI : Return on investment, when you buy a coin and hope to get profit from it.
  • Short : Betting that a coin will drop in value.
  • Stablecoin : Coins that are pegged to the USD.
  • Swap : When you instantly swap any 2 coins based on market value.
  • Token : They are created on existing blockchains like Eth, an eth address can hold unlimited amount of tokens.
  • Whale : Is someone with a high amounts of a coin.

probably missed some terms.

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