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Finding old IOTA (Nov 2017)

Finding old IOTA (Nov 2017)

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I'm sorry if this has been asked a million times already. I tried looking for some guides and stuff online already but am a bit fearful of messing things up and losing my wallet.

So I generated a key back in 2017 (Nov) with the old IOTA light wallet. I downloaded the new Trinity wallet and to my surprise couldn't get past the first step. After some googling, it seems that everything is different and has changed now.

So far I just tried downloading the old wallet (Light version 2.5.7) but my key was lower case. After converting to upper case the balance is 0 with no transactions.

So I'm thinking there is something I need to do with the reclaim tool but i'm not entirely sure this is what i'm supposed to do. Can anyone please assist me in this?


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