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For everyone asking about how to get your funds back from the seed generator scam...

For everyone asking about how to get your funds back from the seed generator scam...

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... The truth is that right now nobody knows if, when or how it might happen. The rules and details of this process will be have to be decided by the authorities. For now, the stolen funds serve as evidence, so most likely nobody will get anything back before the trial is done.

But everyone can prepare:

  • Keep your seed!
  • Collect and keep all evidence of when and where you bought your coins and where you sent them afterwards. For example save both your trade history and your withdrawal history from your Bitfinex account (or wherever you initially purchased your coins). Do not delete that account.
  • If you haven’t done so already: Report the theft to your local police!

This last advice is very important because the authorities might only consider claims for officially reported incidents. It could also happen that national authorities will each take care of only their own national residents. Therefore it’s very important that your local authorities know about your case and that they can notify you of anything important.

During the investigations, we (Hello IOTA Forum) have informed the German police of the details of many theft cases that were reported on the forum. But your specific case might not have been included in these actions for certain reasons. Even if it was included, that still doesn’t mean that the authorities have any personal info about you other than your username. Therefore it is required that you file a proper claim with your local police.

  • Be patient. Wait and pay attention to any news regarding the case.

Good luck to everyone! I got my fingers crossed for you.

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