For me today isn't the anniversary of Bitcoin Cash but instead the 5th Independence Day for the Bitcoin project

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I bought my Bitcoin over ten years ago but the project I bought into was hijacked and changed into something I disagreed with.

Fortunately Bitcoin enables pure financial sovereignty: that means I have final authority over what happens to to my money. There is no authority who defines what my Bitcoin are. My Bitcoin aren't defined by a majority, or an institution, or a standards board, or a government.

My Bitcoin are defined by the rules that I choose to enforce. 99.99% of the world can decide Bitcoin should be something different from the Peer-to-peer Electronic Cash System that myself and the other OG Bitcoiners invested in, but if I don't consent to that change, then my Bitcoin remain unaffected.

The system I invested in was a Peer-to-peer Electronic Cash System, where any two willing parties can make casual hard-currency transactions with no need of an intermediary, where fees are always negligible, where the first-seen version of a transaction is generally considered to be the valid transaction, and where blocks get bigger as the economy grows. The system I invested in was supposed to be upgraded with larger blocks via a hard fork block size increase before the block size limit became an economic inhibitor. The system I invested in was cash.

BCH represented the liberation of the Bitcoin project from its attackers: the naysayers who claimed that the system as designed by Satoshi Nakamoto was untenable, that it wouldn't scale, and that it could only work by reintroducing financial funds-routing middlemen and the inherent loss of sovereignty that comes with them.

Today is the 5th anniversary of the liberation of the Bitcoin project and the continuation of the original project, which others call "Bitcoin Cash" but which to me will always just be "Bitcoin."


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