Friendly advice: Please think twice before talking about crypto with your family on Thanksgiving Day 2022

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Friendly advice: Please think twice before talking about crypto with your family on Thanksgiving Day 2022

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day 2022. A great day for family dinners and awkward conversations. Are you going to initiate the topic of crypto? What will you do when your the topic of crypto is brought up? If you are planning to talk about crypto or even suggest family members to buy the dip, better think twice.

Last year on 25 November 2021, many people in our crypto community talked to their family about crypto during Thanksgiving dinner, which likely enticed many family members to buy some crypto. It made some sense, Bitcoin was at $60K and many of us all believed that November and December would be bullish months and that crypto would reach $100k at the end of 2021 (Thanks PlanB!). On Thanksgiving Day, market makers even gave us a nice green day with +4% on Bitcoin and much bigger gains on alts.

2021 Daily: Time for a nice Thanksgiving pump? No.

The day after thanksgiving, however, we were treated with a big red dildo, a ~10% drop on Bitcoin. A few days later, Bitcoin dropped 27% in two days.

The days after Thanksgiving 2021 [Thanksgiving Day highlighted in purple]

Two months later, Bitcoin was down 45% relative to that Thanksgiving high. As you well know, it has only gotten worse since then.

Bitcoin's price since Thanksgiving 2021 [Thanksgiving Day highlighted in purple]

Those who got their family members to buy crypto last year are likely in for a very awkward dinner, if they are invited at all. Did anyone here have crypto conversations last year and a story to tell?

I hope people learn from the experience of last year. Best avoid crypto and be careful. Crypto might drop a lot more and shilling crypto could damage the relationship with your family. Better let people discover it by themselves and not be responsible for anyone else buying because of you.

The Class of 2021 is not happy

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