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Future Fundraising on BCH - Cash Fusion Related

Future Fundraising on BCH - Cash Fusion Related

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If like me you are very excited about Cash Fusion coming to BCH and you want this to arrive as soon as possible then you probably got very disheartened when the recent dip in prices (across crypto) brought us down from around 90% funded to sitting at just over 50% today.

This is nobody's fault and it is what it is, it is a reminder how early we are in all this and so we just need to accept the volatility.

However, I was wondering, that for future fundraising efforts for projects like Cash Fusion should we maybe accept donations in HonestCoin instead?

This would remove all volatility from fundraising and this particular fund could maybe have been completed right now.

It would also bring more volume and people over to BCH's stable coin, and going forward I see stable coins as being a great bridge in bringing new people into this space so the more support they get the better too.

Also, for anyone still to donate or who would like to donate again, please see below :)

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