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Gavin Andresen should be in charge of the funds!

Gavin Andresen should be in charge of the funds!

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With Gavin's recent interest in ETH, maybe crypto is on his mind again. Make a foundation and put him in charge of it. We'd get his brilliance back and I bet a good majority would 'be okay' with 'trusting' him. He's said previously how he supports BCH and now that we are well clear of the blocksize debate and have momentum growing, maybe he wants to finish what he started. (I don't mean he's Satoshi, just started in general).

Allow him to have one way communication with users via If I recall he was seriously harassed and probably wouldn't take the job if he had to deal with 'the public'. Of course he'd have a two way chat with infrastructure type people. He'll have a real chance at making a difference if he can bring BCH to the world!

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