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Bitcoin Reddit

More / Bitcoin Reddit 36 Views is a video monetization platform that uses bitcoin cash for payments.

You can now upload any extra file with your video and it will become available for download to anyone that watches your videos. Any images that were uploaded can be viewed directly from the player.

Here is an example video with some images attached to it. note the file icons under the player to the right.

Also a big upgrade in encoding took place, 1080p videos especially should be looking much better while taking less bandwidth than before. All newly uploaded videos will use the new encoding and most existing videos have already been re-encoded. Thumbnails now also generate at much higher quality than before.

Some other things that were added in the last 2 weeks.

  1. The web wallet will now save to your account as well (if you have an account), This means that if you log into another device your balance will be available there as well, or if you reinstall your pc, switch browsers or do a factory reset on your phone etc. Before now the web wallet existed solely on your browser. The main reason for this original design was to allow users to pay for and watch videos without needing to create an account. Now it will work both ways, you can still pay for and watch videos anonymously and your wallet will be backed up to your account if you log in.
  2. When uploading a video you can now upload a custom thumbnail If you want to.
  3. video tags can now be multi word, for example "bitcoin cash" instead of "bitcoincash"
  4. improved the layout of the upload page a little, also made the description field bigger.
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