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Previous update:

Since taking gaze live a couple of days ago and seeing some people upload and pay to watch videos I've ironed out a couple of small hiccups that popup up, although everything went mostly smoothly.

I've now implemented a tagging and search system - uploaders adds the tags in the upload form and then users can use the search box on the main page to filter content. Also all NSFW content can now be marked as such, by default searches will exclude NSFW content unless the user specifically selects an option next to the search box to include it. Originally I was planning on creating a separate domain for NSFW video content, but for now I will try and let it all live on (I might still split it in the future depending on how it goes)

One other small thing I added was displaying all views/likes/dislikes on the thumbnails on the main page.

It's been great seeing users play with the site thus far, and with the tagging and search now implemented I'm hoping to see more :D please check it out! and of course please don't hold back on feedback/questions.

Next up I plan on implementing the comment sections (below each video)

Thank you for reading!

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