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Global launch of Bitcoin Cash House in Venezuela

Global launch of Bitcoin Cash House in Venezuela

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Global launch of Bitcoin Cash House in Venezuela

The Bitcoin Cash house Advisory Center is a reality .. this is already beginning .. we are online, contact us

In Venezuela we are already advising in a physical space the people and curious of the East of Barqusimeto. We will tell you about some of the activities we do

Technical Advisory

Investment and Asset Protection to escape inflation

Sending Remittances to Venezuela

Asset Exchange at extraordinary speed

Legal advice

This is the first in Venezuela, here we can do meetings, meetings, workshops, courses all in relation to Bitcoin Cash and the rest of the Blockchain Ecosystem

If you have any ideas, help us support us, we are in Venezuela, the power goes out ... but we have a plant, the internet goes away, but we have satellite internet, if there is no gasoline, we walk but the adoption must be assured

Contact with people will be our best signature, touch with customers will be our best advertising.

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