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Going through legal dispute with P2P scammer

Going through legal dispute with P2P scammer


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Buyer purchased my crypto for $3000 on p2p, later he reported his bank that transaction was unauthorized/fraudulent.

Bank disabled my EMT and froze my account.

After talking to the bank, they unfroze my account but instead, decided to hold $3000 and told me to go to branch and sign a document to release $3000 back to the other party.

So at this point, my $3000 is gone, but potential scammer will not get $3000.

P2P KYC matches bank information - buyer is verified with Binance with SMS, address, and other information.

I talked to an attorney about my situation and advised me to sue the buyer. If the buyer is a victim of identity theft, then he is liable to find the scammer and recoup his loss, not me.

So I emailed the buyer and gave him 72 hours notice before I start any legal action - it's relatively easy and simple as the amount is not very significant.

I searched him up on Linkedin but he is some 60 year old engineer dude, I think he IS a victim of identity theft, but what can I do.. I need to at least settle this down so bank lift ban on email money transfer and release hold on $3000.

I will update this thread how it goes.

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