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Got SIM swapped! No Response from Binance.US

Got SIM swapped! No Response from Binance.US


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Friday April 29th @ 6:21pm Central time zone, I was SIM swapped, confimed by Metro pcs supervisor. My phone company has done nothing. I have filed a police reported and reported this to this FBI. I have submit a ticket to Binance.US but have got no response. The hacker got into my e-mail and set a 2fa to another phone. I am sure all of my funds are gone. Coinbase responded fairly darn quick. Here it is May 4th and still no response from Binance.US. I have access to my new passwords, but can not get into my Binance.US account because it asks for a 2FA google AUTH. I found an e-mail in my sent box where this hacker impersonated me saying that I made a mistake and set up a 2fa on their phone so its okay. I tried to submit another ticket but still no response. My adrenaline and I have been freaking out since last Friday.


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