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Grow the BCH Economy - Spedn and Replace

Grow the BCH Economy - Spedn and Replace

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Good evening guys and girls,

I have just been rewatching some videos by Rick Falkvinge on Youtube and this one stood out to me so I thought I would share it on here for anyone who may be interested.

First of, everyone should go and follow and watch Rick's videos on Youtube "We Are All Satoshi". He makes very intelligent points on a lot of things, not just Cryptocurrency.

If you don't know who Rick Falkvinge is, he is the founder of the Swedish Pirate Party and has been named as one of the Top 100 thinkers by Foreign Policy magazine. He is also an original Bitcoiner from back in the day who in past interviews famously claimed Bitcoin could reach a price of between $2-5 million.

Like most people with any sense and independent thought Rick chose the BCH side of the argument back in 2017 and he is still vocal in his support for Bitcoin Cash.

What I think really separates the people in Bitcoin Cash community to that of the Bitcoin Core one is that we know we need to increase merchant adoption of Bitcoin Cash in order for the price of BCH to rise whereas a lot of the rhetoric from Core supporters is they are waiting on "instutional money" buying in and making them all millionaires.

Essentially, BCH is trying to create a new and much fairer World economy where there is no notion of cashing back into Fiat whereas a lot of the core people seem to have price targets in mind for cashing out and buying lambos or what have you. A lot of core supporters will tell you they already have a network effect due to them retaining the BTC ticker and having 10 years of merchant adoption however nobody is really using BTC as a payment method so their network effect is null!

A paradigm shift for me was to view myself as working towards hopefully cashing out of the fiat system one day.

I currently have a small amount of BCH and I have used that to purchase various items or services on the internet or whatever and when I have spent that BCH I replace what I spent with a little bit more on my next payday when I can afford it.

This means I am increasing my BCH stack over the long term but also using my Bitcoin for what it was created for, to be spent!

This is how we eventually reach the moonshot figures you hear spoken about on other subreddits, telegram groups or Twitter but nothing in life comes easy. It is up to each and everyone of us who believe in BCH to use it where we can, spread the word of BCH and ignore the price pumps and dumps along the way.

Here's the video:

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