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Guild Tokens for price stability?

Guild Tokens for price stability?

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This is not the best forum for my question, so I would be happy to be directed to a better one.

Question is simple: would it be feasible to create Guild Tokens? The idea is that Guilds can organize their crafts and members very well and have good knowledge about the internal structure of their crafts. They could suggest an initial price model for these tokens, which then would be adjusted by the market, ie. DEX, Uniswap, Bancor, whatever.

But why? It got more likely recently that the fiat currencies will themselves become more volatile. So, as an easy example, if a have an hourly rate of 100 EUR as a "Senior Java Dev / Fiancial Industry" (this category is to be defined by the Guilds), I assume it would be 200 EUR in one year. To give companies planning security, I would offer 1 hour for 1 Guild Token (for Guild "Software Craftmenship") for the next 2 years. Companies could then buy X Software Craftmenship Guild Tokens for the next year and not be victim to potentially falling Euro (that's just a simple financial option).

I would like to discuss the idea (or read discussions about it, as this is not a new topic), but I am lacking the right audience / forum.

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