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Hard work pays off

Hard work pays off

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I'm happy to check in today and see that Binance, ShapeShift, and possibly Kraken will delist BSV.

I suppose at this point it doesn't need to be reiterated that Craig Wright has been proven a fraud time and time again, and BSV was created as a hostile takeover attempt, and used in conjunction with legal threats and social manipulation/troll attacks to destroy and fracture the BCH community.

The Powers That Were have tried relentlessly to delegitimize the BCH fork by creating other worthless forks like Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Diamond, and most recently Bitcoin SV.

Bitcoin Cash has staved off every attack with grace, and is only made stronger by surviving everything that has been thrown at it.

NO OTHER COIN in crypto has been attacked as much as Bitcoin Cash.

NO OTHER COIN in crypto has SURVIVED as many attacks as Bitcoin Cash has.

NO OTHER COIN in crypto is as big a THREAT to the global banking cabal, as Bitcoin Cash is.

The Bitcoin Cash community has been working hard non-stop to increase adoption and implement improvements to the technology. Hard work pays off, and BCH is in the midst of a great comeback.

There will be many ups and downs throughout this journey, but rest assured that Bitcoin Cash is here to stay, and will only cement its dominance as time goes on.

Congrats to all of you, and keep up the good work.

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