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Help me test the prototype of Electron Cash RPA

Help me test the prototype of Electron Cash RPA

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I'm pleased to announce an alpha release of Electron Cash with RPA functionality (Reusable Payment Addresses).

Release includes software for Windows and Linux.


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What is "RPA"?

RPA (Reusable Payment Addresses) is a special kind of "address" that generates a fresh BCH address for each transaction behind the scenes with the following properties:

a) It cannot be linked definitively back the address back to the paycode, or at least we can say there's plausible deniability...and generally can hide among other transactions.

b) Uses ECDH cryptography and thus doesn't require an OP RETURN message, or any kind of off chain communication.

Use Cases:

1) Can be linked to an alias (such as CashAccounts) and anyone using the alias will have the same benefits of using fresh addresses, rather than relegating address aliasing to second class privacy status.

2) Can be used to set up a public donation paycode "address" where an outside observer does not know which transactions are going to the paycode, nor would they know how much money is being collected.

3) Can be potentially adopted in the future as a prevalant wallet type, which increases privacy for RPC and SPV wallets since the servers no longer know about all the addresses in the wallet.

If you want to learn more, read the spec here:

WARNING: This is "alpha" quality software, meaning it may have bugs. You are STRONGLY advised to only use this software with small amounts of money.

So far, there hasn't been a lot of testing and I really need people to test this out and help me find the bugs! Thanks in advance.


First, you need to be connected to a server that supports RPA. As of now, there's only one server:

Fulcrum.Fountainhead.Cash (port 50102).

You can connect to this from the network tab.

Next, you should create a new wallet and choose 'Reusable Payment Address'. Once you create the wallet, go to the receive tab and copy the paycode. Then you can send money to this using the new RPA wallet software on an existing (standard) wallet file. -- Note that you cannot send to RPA from multisig.

You can send money from an RPA wallet to another RPA wallet or to a normal wallet, and you can send from a normal wallet to RPA as well.

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