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Help me understand inflation / supply growth

Help me understand inflation / supply growth

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Hi guys, sorry this is slightly off-topic, but I'm writing an article about Bitcoin and have a hard time understanding inflation.

Here are the European Central Bank numbers about the issued value of the Euro

Note that in Feb 2019, the Total Value issued was 1,210,772,383,165 for the bank notes (coins are too small let's ignore these for now). A year prior, Feb 2018 this number was 1,147,370,429,555. This is a yearly growth of 5.5%.

Yet, the inflation rate as shown here for example has been around 2% for the entire history of the euro (since 1999).

Shouldn't these two numbers be closer to each other? What am I missing? (Sorry I'm not an economist)

EDIT: Thanks guys, price inflation =/ monetary inflation!

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