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Help!!! Someone is trying to hack me!

Help!!! Someone is trying to hack me!

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So over the last like week or 2 I’ve been getting these weird emails from eBay, Amazon, google, PayPal and so on asking me to confirm changes to my account, I obviously don’t and discard them thinking obviously some sort of scam going on.

Then today I get a call from the advisor to the President of my cell phone company, I know smells like bullshit to me too but it turns out the guy is legit. He goes on to explain that on a few prior occasions someone has tried to both access my personal information and make changes to my account. He then goes on to explain that one of the times they were able to trick the customer service rep into releasing some of my personal information. I believe he said my birthdate, my address and my postal code. He tells me that he’s going to put a pin on my account. He never tells me this pin and I don’t ask.

Later this evening I get an email saying my pin has been updated. Obviously something’s going on so I call customer support and they flag my account and tell me that I need to leave a message with the fraud team and I need to go immediately to a physical location to provide ID so that I can regain control. I do this, which is far and both stores I go to had no idea what I’m talking about and would not do anything to help me.

A hour or two later fraud calls me and locks my account down and I regain control. She confirms that the Advisor guy is legit and there’s notes on my account regarding the issue. She explained that someone had somehow convinced a rep to allow these people to change my voice Authentication. That’s how they got in, and apparently they tried on more than one occasion to do a sim swap but were unsuccessful. And that from what she could tell other than the leaked information everything else was fine and safe.

It seems like someone is trying real hard to get me and I have no idea where to even start.

Does anyone know what they could and are likely to try to do with that information?

What do I need to do to protect myself in the immediate future?

Should that company be liable for leaking my personal information?

Any sort of advice is greatly appreciated!


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