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Help With Possible Scam

Help With Possible Scam

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Hey so I am a little new here but I just found out my mom placed 11k into a website called . She says it has grown to 44k but she cannot get anything out because she is "extended" and needs to deposit 2k more in order to be allowed access to her funds. Now I think this is a complete scam and I was wondering what I can do in order to both stop them from scamming other people as well as to possibly get any money out that I possibly can. Also I was wondering if anyone else has dealt with this particular website before. I am sorry if this breaks any rules I am just trying my best to cover all of my bases and get as much information as possible. I appreciate any help! If this is the wrong subreddit for this that is cool I would appreciate a point in the right direction like I said before I do not have much knowledge of any of this and am working on getting everything figured out right now. I have set up my first electron wallet and checked the hashes I am just waiting on the account information from my mom to try to pull it out myself since she doesn't do the best with computers. Fingers crossed she misunderstood something but my brother said he already tried contacting the company and they said she was "extended" and wasn't allowed access to anything till she fixed it.

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