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HonklerHangout Marathon stream!

HonklerHangout Marathon stream!

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Here is today's line up: (time in CET)

12:00 Yoshi's Vision

12:30 Toine Manders

14:00 Martijn Houttuin

15:00 Yoshi's Vision



18:00 Yellow Mountain

19:00 SAFEX


21:00 EFL

22:00 Freedom Radio

23:00 Uganda Libertarian

00:00 Yoshi's Vision

01:00 TheWorldsAMine





Every hour, a freeroll tournament will start on, the password for the tournaments will be announced in the stream. All passwords form a text that is part of a riddle. The one who solves the riddle receives 50M HONKHONK and 0.1 BCH. More information to solve the riddle can be found during the Yoshi's vision time.

During the stream the community of HonklerHangout can send tips with use of the service. To try and break the system there have been set 3 goals for the Marathon edition.

First goal is set at $1000,- Money will be used to buy a powerful desktop computer that can be used for the purpose of video editing and stream, to improve the overall stream experience and create promo video's.

Second goal is set at $4000,- This means $3000,- more then the first goal, this money will be used for project development of the Liberland Opportunity Zone. First works have started in september, but to present a proper investment plan, we need to have all legislative requirments behind us. These $3000,- are needed for the finalisation of the masterplan so we can make a proper budget calculation for the full project. COVID-1984 has been in favour of our project.

Third goal is set at $7777,- This means $3777 more then the second goal, this money will be used only for my pleasure alone, because why not? It is a clowns world and if I can make it to $4000,- in one stream, I can double it aswel. As a token of appreciation I will shave my hair live on stream, including beard and mustache, if we make it to this final goal ofcourse.

To encourage the community I have some corona and local brandy called rakija that I will drink when people tip me with use of the tipbot.

Good night for now, can't wait to start tomorrow!!

EDIT: the line up is not final!

To celebrate the listing of EFL on there is a first raffle running for 1000 EFL at countdown.

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