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How a small amount of Algo changed my life…

How a small amount of Algo changed my life…

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Back in July, I spent half my paycheck on Algo, $1,100. This was a lot of money for me, but I have a decent job so I wasn’t gambling my rent money. I sold it yesterday for about $2,800.

I re-invested the initial $1,100 in Bitcoin, and spent the profit ($1,500, setting aside $200 for taxes) on a plane ticket.

After 6 years, my half-brother will be visiting me from Ghana. I left him there to come to school in America, and haven’t seen him since. And for political reasons it’s not entirely safe for me to go back to visit.

I know that profit is not much for many people, but it was enough to change my life, and my brother’s.

I learned about Algo on this forum and invested because of the APY, and am so happy I did.

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