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How ASIC makers are campaigning against ProgPoW

How ASIC makers are campaigning against ProgPoW

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How ASIC makers are campaigning against ProgPoW

Coincidentally ???? two major crypto news outlets published critical opinion articles against ProgPoW this week:

Let's review those articles.

???? Coindesk

Coindesk probably just couldn't say no to Dovey Wan, who known for deep connection with Chinese ASIC makers.

She managed to organize last year business meeting for ZCash with VP of Business Development at Innosilicon


In the same time Dovey Wan is a member of the CoinDesk advisory board, but occasionally Coindesk forgot to mention this at her bio:

But we can find it at Coindesk Weekly newsletter from March, 10th:

???? Cointelegraph

When I started looking at Cointelegraph article yesterday, I was wondering who is such a smart woman this Julia Magas?

Looks like she covered a lot ASICs and ASIC resistance and various events in Ethereum. So I've googled her a little bit.

Nice looking site for PR agency: right ? 'Sponsored' tag articles don't work anymore according to Magas PR Team.

Nice prices

Here is full media kit from Magas PR Team:

Apparently russian PR Team Lead Julia Slozhenikina also known as Julia Magas:


Now let's summarize. Someone hired PR agency to protect ASIC manufactures interests. Do we need more proofs that ProgPoW is real threat for ASIC makers? Isn't it clear that they will do whatever they can to protect R&D investments?

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