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How can we tell if Pro-BCH miners are willing to donate block rewards to BCH developers?

How can we tell if Pro-BCH miners are willing to donate block rewards to BCH developers?

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I believe there are many truly pro-BCH miners willing to temporarily donate less than 1% of their block rewards to support faster development progress on BCH. I believe it is in all Bitcoin miners' long-term best interests to support getting this work done soon. If BCH can scale and goes viral as intended, the rise of BCH will drag BTC along with it as long as BTC still has it's social engineering army. Any delay in this future causes compound losses for miners.

I agree the original proposal would benefit from a lot of improvements including letting miners (instead of pool operators) make the decision(s) and not sending the donations to a single censorable depository. I suggest creating or designating pools for miners to join as a way of showing support for the funding mechanism. This is just an idea. If people can find a better way to know "if Pro-BCH miners are willing to donate block rewards to BCH developers", I am all for that idea.

I assume most miners are not serious BCH supporters who see the long-term value of providing significant support for BCH development very soon. I am OK with their opinions so long as they are not allowed to control BCH's ability to achieve the original dream of Bitcoin. I believe there are many miners who DO understand the importance of getting scaling on BCH quickly and would support such pools. If I am mistaken about BCH having serious miner support, This could also be a way to show that we should cower at the demands of the less friendly miners.

I expect many social engineering agents and miners who are not really pro-BCH will make the many often-repetitive arguments against developer funding while claiming to be Pro-BCH. I believe that truly pro-BCH miners cannot openly admit to that stance due to the massive powerful forces that oppose peer-to-peer electronic cash for the world's people. So, anti-funding social-media posts could be from fake friends of BCH or a real ones. I believe most who print articles opposed to letting miners fund BCH developers are not really pro-BCH. Of the real pro-BCH posters, I think many assume bad things that need not be part of an updated future funding plan.

Let's make sure the miners get to control whether their donations end on "X" date. Let's listen to the other concerns and try to find a win-win solution to them all. Anti-BCH forces will never like any plan that helps create peer-to-peer electronic cash for the world's people in our lifetime. They are legion. They will pretend to be us and pretend convincingly that we do not want miners to donate to our developers. Let's look for ways to find out what the real BCH community want's to do!

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