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How do you choose a BAT provider?

How do you choose a BAT provider?

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by COINS NEWS 17 Views

I'm really new to cryptocurrency and obtaining BATs and using brave, so I have some questions.

My first is, what is the advantage of using Uphold over another provider like Voyager or vice versa?

When voyager first came out, i received a small amount of bitcoin, which i have sold and used to buy BATs. I have also been transferring my BATs from my uphold wallet to my Voyager account.

I'm thinking of just using one of these companies to hold the BATs, but am wondering which ones to go with and the pros and cons of using them.

Do you have a reason why you use Uphold vs the other, or are you using them because it is what brave partnered with?

Or are you using any others over Uphold?

i'm thinking i should use Uphold to keep as much BATs as possible, but voyager has not been a problem in any way for me.

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