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How does a reward transaction look like [newbie question]

How does a reward transaction look like [newbie question]

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Welcome folks,

for guys like me, who are totally new to the BTC world its pretty hard to find detailed information about the mechanics behind Bitcoins & Blockchain. Of course you can find tons on meta information on the internet but I was not able to answer my question with those sources.

As I learned the coins itself are not a "hash", which means the if I send you 2 BTC I am not sending two hashes (representing 1 BTC each). Instead I send you 2 BTC by proofing that I received this amount in the past during a single or multiple transactions. I can proof that I "own" the coins by providing "links" to further blocks.

So my question now is how a reward transaction (the actual give away of BTCs?) are look like. Who is initiating the transaction? Whats the actual source? The problem of my understanding is that, if I receive such a reward and I want to spend it, I can not proof that I actually received the coins from a valid address/node/etc.

Can someone help me out on this stupid looking question?

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