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How is Gregory Maxwell not banned for abuse here?

How is Gregory Maxwell not banned for abuse here?

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Gregory Maxwell is the guy that runs his sock account army in here, including u/nullc and u/contrarian_. He runs around saying extremist abusive and divisive things to other people, including Roger Ver.

If we ban people for abuse in this sub, then why is he still around?


People here act like it's only some kind of fringe extremist here that support the Wright == Satoshi scam, but support for the faketoshi comes down from the top... from Roger Ver: the convicted felon who purchased this subreddit and employs the moderation team.

When you play both sides in some fraud because it benefits you politically or financially now or in the future you are complicit in the fraud. When you stand by people playing both sides you are also complicit in the fraud.

Roger's years of promotion of Wright as Satoshi or in any way involved in the creation of Bitcoin is an act of violence against each and every person he has inflicted it on.

There are a few people in rbtc like /u/todu who really aren't complicit and have shown at least the smallest glimmers of the integrity required to stand up to the fraud-- but in my view they get constantly shit on here whenever their principles even slightly misalign with the approved party view. (I previously stated that todu was removed from moderation status due to this but he disagrees and I was unaware of the complete history, see below).

rbtc silences a dozen over the top Craig Wright shills, deleting their posts, banning their accounts, and sending them off into their own echo chamber and pretends the problem is solved but all that really did was remove the less effective highly unstable Wright pumpers that were scaring people away. But all that does is leave people around to be victimized by more sophisticated scamming. The people rbtc removed were effectively indistinguishable from anti-wright false flaggers they were so absurd and abusive.

The Wright Rot starts from the top of the moderation list. You can't claim that rbtc doesn't promote the scam while that remains true, no matter how many smiling promotional photos you imply were actually ambushes when confronted about them."

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