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How Much Will 1 BCH Be in 2021!?

How Much Will 1 BCH Be in 2021!?

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Just kidding!

I am so glad we in the BCH community are more concerned with fundamentals and building the roads to enable BCH to become the global p2p currency for the World than the lambo talk you find elsewhere.

What a fantastic thing to see when I woke up this morning that the Cash Fusion fundraiser has now been fully funded for their security audit

It was also great to see Bitcoin ABC lay out their fundraising campaign a couple of days ago, detailing their vision and roadmap for BCH -

If the events of the past few weeks have taught us anything then it's that the end of the current fiat system is coming to and end sooner than we thought and the World will not and simply cannot just wait on us.

When this inevitably happens we need to be there with the tools to enable people to cash out the fiat system and cash into the BCH ecosystem with ease and for it to be a no brainer for people.

Thank you to everyone bringing us one step closer to that everyday.

Stay safe!

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