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How to be Albert Einstein?

How to be Albert Einstein?

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I came across this video today and I thought there are some interesting stuff in it and I wanted to share them. In a way, it indirectly pays tribute to the amazingly intellectual folks in the Bitcoin Cash community who had selflessly collaborated and shared ideas and do things like Albert Einstein would. We can see such efforts in things like CashFusion and Jonathan Toomin's DAA proposal.

So science probably more than a lot of jobs really depends on strong personal friendships among people.

Sometimes this idea isn't located in either person's head, but it's kind of floating in the space between them and each person is kind of contributing to it.

The idea is growing and growing and growing.

Einstein for one loved it.

He reveled in this kind of intellectual play.

Einstein was absolutely brilliant at seeing that different theories that people were working on could come together into a wonderful coherent whole.

Even he admitted he wasn't particularly great at the mathematics and he had other people that assisted him with actually formalizing the mathematics of how gravity could work.

So Albert Einstein himself would have said that he was brilliant in collaboration, that he actually pulled lots of things together.

He wasn't just a lone person pulling stuff out of his head from first principles just by magic.

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