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How to give a gift related to crypto? NFT?

How to give a gift related to crypto? NFT?

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Background: Family member gave me a decent amount of $$$ before I went to college last fall, I sent a postcard back but have subsequently made decent sized gains on coinbase and metamask despite having no real knowledge. An NFT looked like an interesting gift, is there a way to send them to someone? Otherwise, could I just hand them them my metamask account with an NFT in it? I've cashed out but it holds a smattering of tokens and evidence of gains as well. They are definitely tech literate and were in the space in the early 10s - i just think it'd be a way to show a kinship - we aren't really close.

TLDR: Can you gift an NFT or safely transfer an account which holds an NFT or what is another gift related to crypto where the $$$ amount doesn't matter?

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