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How’re things go with cryptos in Europe?

How’re things go with cryptos in Europe?

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Hello guys! I’ve recently run across some interesting info about obtaining the cryptocurrency wallet for a business in the EU. I wonder if an American citizen can open a bank account in any EU bank and open a wallet for crypto to run a business project. What kind of papers might I need to do that? It would be nice to hear your thoughts and opinion about it. Also, it would be great if you could share some of your personal experiences regarding crypto trading or invest in EU countries.

The reason I’m writing here is that I would like to run a new business project. Besides, I wanna invest some of my savings and my capital into crypto. I see that the future is standing behind cryptocurrency. Many of you have already seen a couple of excellent examples of how it might make you a billionaire in no time. But to be realistic, I don’t expect that I will make a fortune shortly. Still, investing in crypto gives us a wide range of opportunities.

I’ve recently got some information about cryptocurrency license from this site — Basically, they operate in one of the EU countries. They have listed some of the advantages of opening a new project there. If you check the info they’ve provided, you will see the whole range of benefits. But long story short, the government in some EU countries created a beneficial environment for new businesses. Low corporate tax rates are one of the main things that made me think of running a company there. Those who tried to run a company in the USA might know how expensive it might be in terms of tax.

Despite the impressive list of advantages, I need to find out about the disadvantages too. There is not so much information available online regarding this. So, that’s why I’m asking if any of you have some experience in running a business there. What kind of problems might I face?

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