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How/where to sell for best price/trustworthiness

How/where to sell for best price/trustworthiness

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I'm looking into how to sell some of my Lc if I choose to do so. I have several in my Electrum-Lc and when I looked at at an exchange I've used several times (Bittylicious), they were offering a terrible price. I have a Coinbase account, would it be viable (not too much charges) to send some coins to that account, then cash them in? Alternatively I have a Bitstamp account, could the same method be used with that site? I'm thinking of best price, but also with a heavy dose of safety/reliability needed, i.e. not to be conned or not paid.

I'm quite ignorant on this matter, so any info is appreciated.

Edit: I should add as maybe it's relevant, I'm in the UK.

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