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I convinced a small e-tailer to take crypto after payment companies turned their back on her

I convinced a small e-tailer to take crypto after payment companies turned their back on her

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So I have a friend who loves Disneyland and everything Disney.

There is a small group of people who make Disney fan products, skirting copyright laws and the like just barely.

Some of these have had Disney shut down their payment options, and that's what happened to her.

She makes Mickey ears in various styles, and she is extremely good at it, making the highest quality and cutest ears I've ever seen, by hand, with felt and needle. She sells out every time almost immediately.

Then it happened. One day she announced she was having trouble with payment processors. Guess she finally got popular enough that they took notice.

Visa and MasterCard cut her off, Googlepay turned off her account, and Applepay was next.

Her last remaining option, strangely perhaps, became PayPal.

Now this was a huge problem for a lot of her regular customers because she typically sells out within a minute of putting up her latest creations and a lot of them preferred Applepay.

I was using Gpay, and lost out on a sale due to the change.

Being friendly with her I got the inside scoop and urged her to add bitcoin cash to her site and sent her some of the introductory material from Coinbase, so she now has two remaining payment options, PayPal and cryptocurrency.

I then offered to help her test the system.

The more this kind of thing happens, the more we will be able to spread the message about permissionless payments. She didn't know anything about cryptocurrency, but was able to accept it with a day's worth of research.

(Anyway if you want to see her Disney stuff, she's Bloomingpops on Instagram.)

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