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I doubted Lightning and was proven wrong!

I doubted Lightning and was proven wrong!

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I admit it. I was wrong. I do think there should be just simple guides for a few Lightning wallets maybe some simple video tutorials linked here showing how to receive--that was a big hurdle. I'm just your below average Joe.

Anyhow, here is the link that shows my frustration and then the success.

Folks, people truly don't think this works and it's too complicated. It was a little but that's just because there is no simple guide. I would NEVER associate creating an invoice with receiving money if I wasn't told a few times.

Someone needs to sit down with morons and see what we struggle with to get this going good imo.

You have to create an invoice it looks like to receive so why even have the button to create invoice? Just click on receive and a wizard asks you how much you want to receive then tells you to copy and paste the receiving number or something like that.

Invoice threw me off big time.

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