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I finally own a tenth of a Bitcoin!

I finally own a tenth of a Bitcoin!

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It took a couple of months, some wise planning, some smart trades, a couple hundred dollars, and a bunch of balls to get to this point. I’m beyond ecstatic. I’m going for one bitcoin in about a year to two years time through the means of trading and deposits. Then from there I will continue to hold bitcoin and other coins until whenever. The future of Bitcoin and crypto as a whole has a very bright future and I truly believe we have only begun what’s going to be a very promising and fulfilling journey. I feel late to the pre game party but I believe I’m early to the actual party itself as I see things are just getting started. A decentralized currency that only exist digitally is like a golden ticket into Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, there’s nothing better.

Will it reach a million like few people say? Maybe in a time span of 10 to 20 years, but I believe that it’s current price is in fact low for what the technology is. I tell my grandparents that it’s like internet gold, it will never go away and will always be worth something. Even if it doesn’t become the global currency or whatever everyone dreams that it’s going to do, Bitcoin is valuable, extremely valuable, and it will always be valuable as technology continues to grow and progress. It’s the wild west with gold mines all over again, except this time it’s a digital currency that will never be owned by one entity or individual which is why I believe it is worth way more than what it’s currently being valued at.

Today was a great day as I bought my last .01 so I could complete my tenth. The future is bright!

EDIT: I had a few people down below attack me for trading calling me inexperienced. I do so happen to be a self taught experienced trader. I’ve traded for over a year or two. I learned everything there is to know about trading. I learned how to spot trends, what’s a gamble and what’s guaranteed. I don’t gamble but I do trade and so happen to have lots of success with it. I wouldn’t have the tenth if I had not traded. Period. I wouldn’t have the tenth if I had not bought some alts. Not shit coins, alt coins, you know, the better ones that have a future and potential with promising technology JUST LIKE BITCOIN. You may not have success trading or your buddy may have lost his stack trying to trade, but me, I do just fine with it. I can even write up a post to help others who seem to be corned into fear of trading because of fear of loss. You lose when the price goes down. Buy. You gain when price goes up, Sell. Spot the trend, read the graphs. It’s quite easy. I would have made more than a tenth but I don’t like to gamble and risk so I take the guaranteed trade that will earn me less but it’s still profit, period. Please do not attack me for my strategy, it has been highly successful. Thank you.

EDIT 2: Others seem to be confused about my trading. I traded with small amounts to learn. That’s why it took so long to profit so much as I was making a dollar or two each trade. I could not afford to trade large amounts at the time. Yes I had success trading with about $500. It took time, but I learned and now know what I am doing. I do not trade on impulse, I am not an emotional trader, I read the graphs, look at the trend, and follow up with a buy or sell order. What I do works, period.

EDIT 3: Maybe I should clarify that I own .1 Bitcoin but that is not all of my investments. I have more than .1 in other coins. I didn’t think to mention it as this is the bitcoin subreddit, not bitcoin and alt coins. So profit is well above what you would think. Sorry for the confusion.

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