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I have a Proposal For Saving The Planet from waste!

I have a Proposal For Saving The Planet from waste!

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Has anybody thought about setting up a Global Rewards and Incentive Scheme, that all CPG compamies would be participating in, and force companies to recycle.
When people took their can, bottle or plastics to be recycled they would get an IOTA micropayment, when the smart barcode was scanned.
So the benefits for the customer are when they scan the product and recycled it, they would get an IOTA micropayment.
These payments would be payed directly into their IOTA wallett.
People would be super incentivised to do the right thing worldwide, through this Global Rewards Scheme, by earning IOTA cryptocurrency.
You can spend IOTA at any store using the and
The benefits for the manufacturer are knowing who your customer is, authenticating on the tangle, and marketing data, plus the extra kudos for taking responsibility for their complete lifecycle of the product.
At present the rubbish and polution created from manufacturing is a huge worldwide problem, especially plastics in the ocean.
Has anyone trying this , or does anybody have any iseas how to possibly implement this?

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