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I have an interesting job for someone who is interested in bitcoin or Nano and Organic vertical farming.

I have an interesting job for someone who is interested in bitcoin or Nano and Organic vertical farming.

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I posted here somewhat recently about testing an idea I had for Nano users. Here's that post:

Below is, basically, a copy of a post I made yesterday in r/nanocurrency. I didn't get much of a response. And the most upvoted response was someone telling people that it's probably a scam. Anyhow, I really would like to hire someone that is interested in modern, Organic vertical farming. And it would also be cool if this person were into crypto since we talk about it a bunch on the farm AND this job is semi crypto-related. Anyhow, here's the post for a job on my farm for the person who is interested:

I have a modern vertical farm in the Southern California desert. It's pretty awesome, in my opinion. I am currently testing 4 of my greenhouses to begin figuring out how to do home deliveries via FedEx.

I have decided to also test if Nano holders will actually use their Nano to purchase stuff. Since fruit and vegetables are eaten by most people, I think that this is a good test to see if people will pay with Nano.

Ok, the job: I need to hire one amazing person to run this small project. It is a full time job. You will need to live near my farm. I WILL PAY FOR YOUR HOUSING. It's in the middle of the desert in Southern California and surrounded by small towns. It's about 2.5 hours from LA and about 2.5 hours from San Diego. Also sort of close to Palm Springs.

Here's what your job will be:

(1) You will be managing about 6,000 plants, growing in columns from floor to ceiling, that are growing in glass greenhouses. This includes seeding the plants, tending to the plants, harvesting the plants and packaging the plants for home deliveries.

(2) You will be taught how to manage the automated systems and repair/replace pumps, lights, water lines, etc. You will also learn how to feed and care for our fish (we are an aquaponic farm).

(3) We run a small bitcoin mining operation that is attached to the solar array and battery banks that power the farm. You will be taught how to manage the heat transfer from the mining rigs into our watering system.

(4) You will likely answer customers' questions when they call or email us.

This is a full-time job from now through September of this year. Once we have learned how to streamline our FedEx deliveries, we will begin to transition the rest of the farm over to this model and the position will integrate into our larger farm.


(1) $16 per hour to begin PLUS housing in a nearby town.

(2) Weekly bonuses for meeting and exceeding delivery numbers.

(3) $20 per hour after one month of just doing the job correctly and being on-time everyday.

(4) I'll pay you in Bitcoin or Nano if you want.

(5) If we LOVE how you work and everyone on the farm really likes you and you are constantly exceeding our metrics, then I'll take your pay to $25 per hour and I will consider you for a small management position.

(6) Profit sharing, which can be as much as $1,000 per month.

I hope someone out there sees the opportunity in this position. Personally, for many people, I think it would be a dream job. I'm not just saying that. We're super nice people. Our farm is ultra modern. We're WAY into crypto (I actually mine bitcoin on this farm from my solar array). Our farm is 100% solar. We're 100% Organic. We are a 100% aquaponic farm. Look up "aquaponics" if you're bored.

Our fruits and vegetables are SUPER high quality. Our greenhouses are unlike anything most people would have ever seen. We use all kinds of modern tech. Our greenhouses can be 65F (18C) in the middle of Summer when it is 122F (55C) outside. You will work in the desert during the Summer but it will be very comfortable inside the greenhouses. And we also filter out the UV light.

Anyhow, I'm gonna test my home delivery to the Nano community initially (unless there are not enough Nano holders willing to part with their Nano). The only payment option will be Nano. It would be awesome to hire someone from the Nano or CryptoCurrency community to run this small project. Maybe this community can help me find someone who is actually interested in this job and willing to work to make a decent living.

I need someone who can work hard. Someone who is willing to get dirty (literally). Someone who is into this method of farming. And, ideally, someone who is WAY into crypto. If you are extremely interested in this opportunity, let me know. If you know someone who you think would be perfect, let them know. Thank you, Dan.

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