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I have moved my entire savings into bitcoin, LOL

I have moved my entire savings into bitcoin, LOL

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Hey guys

After many hours over the phone to my banks, dictating why i couldn't, shouldn't, buy any bitcoin with my money and constantly refusing to withdraw my money from my banks - I had a realization.

Yes that's right, I have now instead of taking 20% of my money to withdraw I have withdrew 95% of my money and moved all of it into bitcoin and I feel better for it.

Banks offered no help to the people during covid so i am moving my money into this instead, they aren't having my money.


This is a little edit for how popular this post has become and I thank you for all your comments and advice for me I really appreciate it. But please if there is anything you can take from this post please take this;

2020 we have already lost 20% value of fiat printing and if you never invested that year from the crash you have lost another 30%,

Plus every year since the housing crash (2008) fiat lost around 7% a year (Check s&p 500 growth during that time) also apparently 2021 and beyond it is speculated we will lose 10%+ a year on fiat currency.

how many families are getting screwed who are too busy needing to work and feed their babies, never knowing this information. I feel sick

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