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I just got scamed... (OnionWallet)

I just got scamed... (OnionWallet)

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OnionWallet (ow24et3tetp6tvmk.onion) stole about 1000$ bucks from me. Well yesterday I was in the mood to try out this new thing Bitcoins. I created a Coinbase account and wired some money over to said account. About 1000$, I thought to myself I don't really need that money right now so I can try investing it into Bitcoins and letting it sit for a while. After that I waited passionately for a good exchange value. I got lucky and got abount 0.266 BTC for my money. I still got an old OnionWallet account I used for some time ago for mixing some of my old Bitcoins. I trused OnionWallet due to the fact that they are featured on the Hidden Wiki and I tried them before and everything worked just fine. But this time was different I could thought any problems transfer the Botcoins to my OnionWallet took about an hour. After that I planned to transfer the Coins to my offline storage for save keeping. But just then when I entered my address and pincode and pressed send. The page was blank... At the firsr moment I was like okey the hell, but then on the second and third trie I shocked. Did... did I just get scamed? No it cannot be, they just have a problem with their side. I settled down and tryied again today. But today still fucking blank. I just lost 1000$ and I feel like shit. What I learned from all that NEVER TRUST SOMEONE IN THE DARKNET! NEVER! I will only use clearnet wallets from now on.

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