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I made a front end for Christian Lundkvist's Simple MultiSig Wallet contract

I made a front end for Christian Lundkvist's Simple MultiSig Wallet contract

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I was working for some associates who are doing an ICO, and they needed a multisig wallet. At first I recommended Gnosis, but then two things caused me to reconsider: 1) I had just read Christian Lundkvist's proposal for the simplest possible multisig wallet -- and it made sense, especially because the whole reason that my employers wanted a multisig wallet was for security -- and the parity debacle was still fresh, and 2) At that time gas prices were hovering around 60GWei, and I thought they might go even higher. Since the Gnosis wallet is "fully featured" (aka relatively bloated), it takes more than 2M gas to deploy -- and even simple transactions were expensive. So the Lundkvist wallet was less expensive, and arguably more secure.

Anyhow, enough about why -- In the end I created a front end for the Lundkvist MultiSig Wallet, and my employers,, agreed to make it open source, and free for anyone to use, hosted on their web-server (it's good PR). It deploys an exact snapshot of the contract, from github, which means that even if for some reason the riverdimes front-end became unusable, the contract is still sort of standard, easily understood, and could still be used via some other front end, or even via MEW.

I'm very pleased with myself... I really like the simplicity of Christian Lundkvist's contract; and I tried to reflect that in the front-end, which is spartan. So go check it out:

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