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I say no more to XRP being somehow tied to Bitcoin

I say no more to XRP being somehow tied to Bitcoin

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I am looking for constructive input from anyone that may be able to explain why so long as XRP is linked to Bitcoin it will always be manipulated by Bitcoin and those associated with manipulating the crypto market. I am not looking for an argument/fight. However, I am look for a decent discussion. Is it correct to say that XRP is about transparency, a set of rules and regulations so that fraud, manipulation and other possible sinister acts cant take place within the market? Is Bitcoin not about secrecy, shadowy figures and truly a wild, wild west set of rules? Do I want to park any of my money with Autocrats/Dictators/criminals who fleece their countries of their wealth only to hide it in Bitcoin? Is this Truly the kind of coin one wants to be associated with? I see XRP and Bitcoin as two different sides of the same coin. One side wants to be run by a set of rules, the other side that wants to be run with NO rules. Please tell me where I am wrong. I am willing to listen and learn. After yesterdays news about XRP and Euro Exim Bank I see no reason why XRP had to follow Bitcoin down a dumpster hole today. Again, I'm not looking to start an argument. I'm just looking to absorb any information/knowledge that I may be lacking. Thanks in advance.

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