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I try...a clueless broke newbie

I try...a clueless broke newbie

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I’ve lived hand to mouth for decades. Single mom, deadbeat ex, worked two jobs etc. I came across bitcoin when it started. SilkRoad was a rumor and anything that skirts the government is of interest to me. Fell in love with the idea but literally, was taking payday loans to feed my son and pay the rent. Had nothing to invest. 2017, I get reminded this is something I want to do and buy a modest amount, like $200 I don’t remember the worth, I want to say like 2k. I used Coinbase and payed silly fees playing around with it. It exploded. I didn’t sell! My dumbass thought it was a long term investment seeing the rise from inception. Well now it’s going up again but my initial investment is really nickels and dimes. So what’s your advice to someone like me? I pay attention to this thread and realize y’all are Kings and queens of the game and I’m fully a clueless newbie who loves the idea and feel like crypto is the answer to the Federal Reserve BS. I want to buy more, I should wait, so I’m caught between hoping it goes up and hoping it goes down. I know I’m that one y’all make fun of but it’s ppl like me that get the numbers to inflate.

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