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IAA Frankfurt: Iota vs HP/Continental whats going on ?

IAA Frankfurt: Iota vs HP/Continental whats going on ?

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this is my second post here because the first one wont go through idk.

Hi guys im following Iota since 2018, but now the first time i got a little worried, not just ralf rottmann and rolf werner are left, isnt a big deal but they were great advisors. ralf rottmann said he wants to explore other solutions ( that moment i was looking for other things)

And you know where best likely to look for them yes at the IAA 2019 in Frankfurt. now you know Volkswagen should work with iota and soon they told us the working product will be on the market ~2019, thats not a big deal we are patient.

but WHY only is EDAG presenting Iota solutions i mean who is EDAG compare the market cap of edag and volkswagen, I got a feeling that Iotas big Partners are slowing down and dont give us enough information. eventually fading away :/

At the IAA : Iota was NOT presented for „Earn as you ride“ apps or something NO they instead use HP and Continental what the fuck ? what are this companys doing behind our backs all the time ???

now look what i found this is a german article maybe you can use google translate.

now im wondering what you guys think im open for thoughts and discussion.

for me this is looking bad like iota isnt good enough or in a too early stage to use, instead suddenly there is a HP/Continental partnership to do DLT solutions and do exact same things iota is supposed to do already.

Help me find more Information Iota vs HP/Continental

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