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Idea for dealing with 100% proven bad actors

Idea for dealing with 100% proven bad actors

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Hey, guys. First post here, I'd say I'm nervous, but I'm too pissed to be nervous at the moment.

Elephant in the room, we have some serious bad actors trying to fuck with our community. Second elephant in the room, we don't really have super effective methods to deal with said bad actors, and they sometimes succeed with sowing discord, especially amongst the newer or more naive users.

The cryptochecker is IMO overused, and while it does have its' applications, often times it is used as an insult towards whomever is disagreeing with the commenter. That's bullshit, and I've seen it turn newbies away, but that's not the real issue here. A lot of us are trying to be constantly vigilant against bad actors, but we're not perfect, and I can see that it's wearing at the nerves of some of the oldtime regulars. Fighting a constant battle against an enemy that is illusive and constantly trying new angles of attack while perpetuating old lies is exhaustive, isn't it? I commend you all for your efforts, but it doesn't have to be this way.

Knowledge is the key here, not censorship, and knowledge is the blade most of you have been parrying with. Res helps, but newbies and mobile users don't have access to Res, so why not create bots in our community that effectively follow around 100% proven bad actors (this part is crucial, this is a step only to be used for those we have absolute proof are here to sabotage the development of BCH) and comment a disclaimer underneath with archived proof of their dastardly deeds (I know no one uses dastardly, I'm an English major, let me have a little fun here) an explanation of why we've had to take this severe step, and that this tool isn't used on just anyone, and that disagreement of ideas is still allowed and discussion welcomed, but if you have a long history of trolling this sub, or a history of the more complex evil shit (Contrarian, anyone?), you will be effectively branded in a way that anyone can see the shit you've pulled in the past and why hostility to your voice is in order. It's not as draconian as banning ala r/bitcoin style, but it shows these motherfuckers we're going to defend our freedom.

I think this has the potential to disrupt BSV and Core's tactics, and I think something serious needs to be done soon because we're in a critical time of growth with Roger's new shit coming out soon; I feel like we're about to be hit with a shitstorm because we're succeeding.

So...yeah. r/btc is why I joined reddit last year, and I've been watching for a good few months before that as a lurker. Please don't underestimate the important of this social media hub to the casual crypto user. There is a reason why we are attacked so hard here and on twitter.

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