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Ideas for generating Moons demand

Ideas for generating Moons demand

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Hello r/CryptoCurrency redditors :)

Back in May, the Reddit admins and the subreddit mods announced r/CryptoCurrency Moons.

TL;DR: Moons are a new way for people to be rewarded for their contributions to r/CryptoCurrency.... They represent ownership in the subreddit, they are tokens on the Ethereum blockchain controlled entirely by you, and they can be freely transferred, tipped, and spent in r/CryptoCurrency.

Today, we want to open a discussion to generate ideas on how to best encourage demand for Moons. The supply is distributed to subreddit contributors, mods, and Reddit.

Initial Demand for Moons

  • Purchasing Special Memberships (badges, emotes, GIFs)
  • Voting on weighted polls
  • Tipping
  • Novelty / collectible

Other Ideas

This is where you come in! There are only ideas, not plans. We need your feedback and your other ideas!

Should we sell CryptoCurrency merchandise through a partner, and have the partner use a portion of profits to purchase and then burn (destroy) Moons?

Should we sell subreddit advertising and promotions? Some people are understandably against all ads, and if they were added, they would be very obviously labelled as an ad. r/CryptoCurrency had almost 8 million pageviews last month alone. r/ethtrader has a banner ad for purchase with another Community Points coin.

Should we attempt to get companies to do "giveaways" for Moons? Suppose you needed a certain amount of Moons to enter.

Some of these will be difficult to do before there's a market to trade mainnet Moons for other cryptos. Thus, this doesn't need to be a rushed conversation.

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