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Im bored so here is my 5 year plan for Bitcoin and how I will retire young.

Im bored so here is my 5 year plan for Bitcoin and how I will retire young.

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First off this is probably going to age very poorly but it also could be prophetic at the same time so you can't blame me for at least having a plan. At least with this I can avoid getting greedy. Lastly, this is for fun so don't tear me a new one about using past performance for future predictions...i get it. Anyways next year we are going to see the halving event which, in the past, slowly signals a new bull run within 6ish months. Using a stock to flow model which has been pretty accurate so far, we can expect to see btc reaching 100k and higher. My plan is to reach 1btc by the halving and then "tether up" at that 100k mark and wait for the drop. Again, using past indicators, the bottom is typically found at -5x the ath. Hopefully, it will peak slightly above 100k, so when it goes down to ~20-30k I can buy back in with 4-5 btc accumulated. Then in~4 years repeat the process with the new ath is 500k and the dollar value for my wallet is around 2.5 mil. (At most). I then plan on taking around 1.8mil (after taxes) and living on it for 20 years semi-modestly with guaranteed 2.5% interest in a high yield savings account, while the rest I either keep in crypto or invest to expect 8% over that 20 years, essentially making my life go from easy mode to God mode. Anyways thats my little plan with what I'm going to do with my money. I was thinking I could just hodl and sell at a cetain point to pay for loans, maybe pay for luxurious vacations every year, but I think in the long run I just want to live comfortably. There is also the scenario where btc becomes so adopted that I don't need to sell at all, that would be plan A actually.

Edit: lots of helpful comments. Definitely gunna buy and sell at increments so I'm not betting on just one price point.

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