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Intentional price manipulation taking place...

Intentional price manipulation taking place...

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From the looks of it, something is extremely off. Bitcoin was rallying in price by a big margin, and all the other coins were rallying by a higher margin. It looks like BTC has only dropped 1% yet BCH out of nowhere dropped 10% in less than an hour. Before I get any wise-ass comments from trolls about "unloading bags", that doesn't seem to be the case. This sort of dump is VERY out of the ordinary, and something is going on here. It's going to be hard to de-throne Bitcoin if BTC whales have the most power (their coin having the highest market cap). This looks like orchestrated price movement by what I can only speculate being exchanges. Get a rally going, making people bullish on Bitcoin, getting them to buy, and keep upwards momentum, and then when dominance goes too low, cause a crash to maintain BTC's position and market dominance. It seems like a clear control over the state of the market to try and ensure nothing else succeeds, further promoting the "store-of-value" narrative.

Edit: Not to mention that it seems extremely suspicious that Bitcoin has a pump after Ethereum goes up by a significant amount. Even being second in the market, I saw the Bitcoin pump occur hours later. Are there orchestrated pumps and dumps happening on Bitcoin to maintain market dominance?

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