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Introducing Eth2Dai Instant + Updates

Introducing Eth2Dai Instant + Updates

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We´re excited to announce an update for which comes with an additional simple interface called Instant and UX improvements like a Read-Only mode.

Eth2Dai Instant

Instant provides convenient access to the user-posted liquidity pool powered by the Oasis contract.

This is the easiest way for users to trade Ether and Wrapped Ether for Dai.

To put it simply: Instant is for users that want quick and easy, while the traditional interface is for those that want to have access to a more robust experience featuring charts, volume and a variety of order types.

Read-Only mode

Users can now access Eth2Dai with any mobile or desktop browser to check prices, the orderbook or trade history. This is enabled by a GraphQL database.

Eth2Dai products have no third party to any transaction, no central custodianship, all trades are peer-to-peer, and the transaction is performed and settled on-chain without the need for any intermediary.

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