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Introducing the Ceramic Protocol

Introducing the Ceramic Protocol

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Introducing the Ceramic Protocol

Hey everyone! We're excited to introduce Ceramic to the world. Ceramic is the protocol for a connected, interoperable web without silos.

What is Ceramic?

Ceramic is a new permissionless protocol for creating unstoppable documents that serve as the foundation for an interoperable web without silos.

Ceramic's public infrastructure allows participants to create signed, versioned, tamper-proof documents that act as a censorship-resistant and universally available source of truth for important information. Because Ceramic's Universal Document Graph is public, permissionless, and verifiable, it unlocks information access and interoperability between all platforms and services across the web.

This is a critical requirement for building interoperable systems that need to operate outside the bounds of any single wallet, application, database, service, or network silo. Such as:

  • Portable, self-sovereign identity
  • Shared data schemas and definitions
  • Interoperable user & app data storage
  • Open web services, without accounts or signups
  • User-managed access control permissions

Ceramic supports these use cases by storing documents that represent decentralized identifiers (DIDs) and their associated metadata, data schemas, service definitions and routing info, policies for usage of services, hosting agreements, access control permissions and much more. Collectively, these documents enable boundless identity-centric interoperability, routing, and access control between an ecosystem of connected wallets, applications, databases, and services.

With Ceramic, a user can always control their identity and resources regardless of which wallet they're using, which app they're on, which DB it's in, or where a service is hosted/located. This allows devs to build composable apps with unprecedented modularity, trust, and scale. As a result, Ceramic is the trusted foundation upon which a more connected, transparent, and user-centric internet is built.

Side Note Ceramic documents are a very general abstraction that can be used to represent almost any type of information that requires guaranteed trust, interoperability, and censorship-resistance. We invite you to explore what's possible on Ceramic.

Learn more about Ceramic:

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